Can human become so strong? (book review “Can’t hurt me” by David Goggins)

It is a shame to confess that I was a human who always seek excuses “Why I can’t do this and that?”. Because I have no time, am not cut out for it, am not blessed genetically, am damaged mentally, care about what people say, they say it’s against moral, may not live stable, am scared of risk of death. The list goes on and on. Any self help book didn’t help me to change the way I think.

But, the author’s life history is way more harsh than mine. Abused by his father and couldn’t have enough education, racism, innate heart failure, a predisposition which is not cut out for swimming (high bone density). He overcame numerous hurdles, studied, trained, became Navy Seals, ran 100 mile marathon with bone fracture, and got gneiss record of 24 hour pull ups, crashing any excuse, one by one.

But he is not a superman, is always holding fear, anxiety, and doubt, made a failure in front of people. He is just the same human like me having vulnerability. Keep running with it without overthinking. His attitude shook my mind. There are 10 challenges in the book which are highly recommendable to carry out in life which is hard.

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