Targetting multiple skilled practitioner

There are wide variety of chief complaints in patients. During trying to solve these problems everyday, there are still moments when I got overwhelmed by lack of knowledges and techniques. However, I feel great value in comprehensive treatment fixing difficulties one by one. A general practitioner like me has to perform full mouth orthodontic treatment in possible cases. In diagnosis and treatment planning procedures seeing whole mouth as a unit, knowledges and techniques of orthodontic treatment substantially affect prognosis. In making improvement esthetically and functionally, orthodontic treatment is an essential part in full mouth rehabilitation or reconstruction. If missing teeth, malalignment of teeth, periodontal problems are present simultaneously in a mouth, the treatment plan will be complicated and therapy duration will be extended. There are many ways in dental treatment for a patient. I want to use various knowledge and skills acquired through never ending learning in a hands on training seminar, in order to contribute to a patient who needs full mouth reconstruction.

simulating a patient who has missing teeth, malalignment and periodontal disease
practice of orthodontic treatment
lots of techniques by bending wires and using elastic bands
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