Halfway through heartbreaking incidents

They say success rate of periodontal surgery for smokers is significantly lower than that of non-smokers. This case was not also an exception. Knowing risks beforehand, I performed tissue regeneration surgery in the upper right 2nd molar and root coverage therapy in the upper right canine and 1st front tooth. The results of these operations were unsatisfying like lots of papers said, though implants and orthodontic treatment has been successful so far. It was full of meat as an egg.

Upper right molars were extracted due to periodontitis. Implants were applied in the upper right first molar and lower 2nd premolar and 1st molar. The lower implants were used as anchors for orthodontic treatment. The lower right 1st molar was extracted because of root fracture and will be replaced by a future implant.

Tissue regeneration surgery for the upper right 2nd molar
Root coverage in the upper right canine and 1st front tooth. It was unsuccessful in the canine and filled with resin, whish is heartbreaking for me.
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