The last day of trial lessons

What the personal trainer taught on the last day of trial lessons were dumbbell exercises. The below is dumbbell day menu (plus cardio).

  • dumbbell shoulder press 6kg 10reps 2sets “Be careful of right form”
  • dumbbell fly 6kg 10reps 7kg 10reps 2sets “Keep right form not to harm shoulders and elbows”
  • dumbbell side bend 12kg 10 reps 14kg 20reps “Watch a mirror checking if your body’s twisting doesn’t happen”
  • dumbbell pull over 8kg 10 reps 9kg 10reps 2sets “A good exercise to correct a posture like hunched back”
  • dumbbell lunge 5kg 10 reps 2sets “Be careful not to step too short”
  • dumbbell back lunge 5kg 10reps 2sets
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