Occlusion seminar in the weekend

Last weekend was my debut as an instructor in a dental occulusion seminar, which was held near Tokyo station.To be all set as an instructor of the seminar, I reviewed my notebook of past lectures. It was fine weekend and good for recreation. Should I blow off my responsibility and go for a leisure? I blew off the temptation.

Some occlusion theories are frumpy and filled with a real Catch-22. You can get the 411 on the renovated occlusion theory proposed by Dr.Haruhiko Abe. Dr.Abe approached occlusion theory proactively and swam upstream. How to fix plaster models of jaws in an articulator to visualize an ideal occlusal plane is low-hanging fruit, if you use devices which Dr.Abe invented. The apparatuses are artisan. Some evil-minded dentists imitate and make bogus and tacky devices. They sell them illegally! I believe they will become bottom feeders in the end. They are dead wood.

The seminar was held in a small pop-up room due to under construction of the building we had used before. But, attendees were eager. Dr.Abe talks turkey. I like the seminar’s vibe.

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