When I was a dental college student, I belonged to a rowing club. In training, I had free weight sessions. In those days, I didn’t have an opportunity to use various machines including Smith machine like we have today. I joined a gym near my home and applied a personal trainer program which consists of 3 times of 1hour session and costs 10,000 yen in total, which is relatively reasonable because of campaign period. It was the first time to do weight training since my college days, which made me think having coaching is necessary which are how to use machines, including adjusting a height of a seat, an appropriate back seat position, selecting weight, how many reps, how many sets, breath, and checking performance form if mines is effective to muscles. The trainer said I should take protein within 30 minutes after training, so I bought SAVAS cocoa taste. The trainer was a former captain of Japanese rugby team and has long time experience as a trainer. His knowledge is very new and flesh to me and his attitude made me confident and motivated. When squatting using Smith machine, I realized feet positions are very important to work effectively and avoid injuries. In the end of the lesson, he suggested 30min endurance training on running or bike machines after weight training, which I don’t like. But, I will follow his menu to get 6 packs for the first time in my life. Here are my menu, pattern A and B.

  • lat pull down 15X3
  • smith bench press 10X3
  • one hand row left and right 10X3
  • aerobic exercise 30 min
  • smith squat 10X3
  • leg press 10X3
  • abdominal 20X3
  • rotary torso left and right 20X2
  • crunch 20
  • leg up crunch 20
  • aerobic exercise 30 min
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