Japan tourism and Ikitsuki island in Nagasaki

Ikitsuki island in Ngasaki prefecture in Japan is blessed with stunning scenery throughout this adorable part of Japan.If you have a car, and a day to spare, then you may certainly want to consider paying a visit to this island, located just a bridge (and a beautiful one) west of Hirado City in northern Nagasaki. The island is remote, even by modern standards, meaning that visitors are relatively few. Centuries ago, Christians populated the island, and there are numerous monuments and sites attesting to the long, difficult history of the area. Besides the numerous Christian attractions, there are lighthouses on the northern and southern tips of the island. The views from these cliffs are tremendous, and the crumbling cliffs themselves make for some fantastic photographs.

Dr.Takasaki,my friend, who has his dental office (named Natural Teeth)in this isaland, said there is nothing special in Ikitsuki. But, I’m sure, when you visit Ikitsuki island,you can feel something special inside. In Ikitsuki it appears that God’s Eden may exist because simplicity and nature come together.

a fishing port near Natural Teeth dental office

Ikitsuki Bridge

Ikitsuki island museum

Karaoke bar

at Obae lighthouse

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