gourmet tour in north west Kyushyu Japan

As a dentist, I have to keep studying to get up-to-date knowledge and technique in dentistry. I live and work in Tokyo, but I like to have a business trip in Kyushyu, a big south island, though it takes over 4 hours. Because I can enjoy not only learning dental skills but also seeing passionate and warm-hearted dentists…..and can enjoy gourmet tour!

I attended a seminar called “Natural Teeth” where my friend, Dr.Takasaki, provides some useful skills and lectures about how to manage your dental office. The place locates in Ikitsuki(living moon) island, 4 hours by car from Fukuoka airport. I enjoyed it very much, but my original concern before coming there is enjoying Hirado beef tongue barbecue. Tokyo doesn’t have restaurants which serve so thick tongue like the photo. Very juicy and more yummy than beef tongue I had ever eaten.

If you hope to enjoy lacal gourmet tour in Japan, please visit Sasebo, Hirado area in Nagasaki.

tongue of Hirado beef

Korean style barbecue

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