We will be back….the next year.

The medical and dental office “Shouohkai” had been located in Otemachi Financial Center. Due to reconstruction of the building, we temporally have moved to Kyobashi district. There is Tokyo station between Otemachi and Kyobashi. It takes 25 minutes by walk. So, the temporary moving has made our patients feel inconvenient. The trouble for them will end soon. Our opening day in the new building is January 6th, 2014. We will be back there, at last.

Right in the heart of Otomachi is this new office development, it’s just under
200 meters high. The building will house offices (mainly MIZUHO BANK, including Shouohkai medical and dental office)
and the Aman resorts group will open up an “AMAN TOKYO” luxury hotel on the top

20 years ago, Otemachi district was totally a typical business town. In weekends, it was like a ghost town. But, things have changed since then. Now, the district has fashionable shops, restaurants and streets which attract many people around the world. This area has become like an amusement park, especially in the weekends.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.


under construction, 1 year ago


now, almost completed


Tokyo Station
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