Making sushi with warm heart

Dr. Kasugai, who is a professor of the dental implant section of Tokyo Medical and Dental University, invited my clinic’s doctors to “Kanpachi”,one of famous sushi restaurants in Tokyo (Dinner time;15,000yen~). Many Japanese like to eat sea urchin, but I don’t.  Nevertheless, I could eat one with pleasure here for the first time in my life. Other kinds of sushi and sake are all the best. The master, Mr. Yamada, is 81 and has kept this restaurant for 50 years. He can speak English and has some non-Japanese guests, so if you have a chance to come to Tokyo, it’s worth enjoying true sushi here in Kanpachi. The photo is his autobiography titled “Making sushi with warm heart”. The restaurant is 5 minutes walk from Okacimachi station. Tel:03-3832-7357


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