Pontsuku, Kokura’s sweets




Kokura is a smaller than Hakata (the capital
city of Fukuoka) but growing town in Fukuoka prefecture Kyushu Japan. Since
last September, I have attended a dental seminar held in Kokura, every second
weekend in each month. Last week, before going there from Tokyo, a dental hygienist turned to
me, “Doctor? Please buy souvenir for our staff”.
She is
called as a sweets commentator in my office. She gave me a list of sweets made in
Kokura. It seems that she researched all day long on the Internet. Considering expiring date of the sweets, I chose Pontsuku (photo) which an old
established store has made. It is a sponge cake including custard cream. There
are other versions of cream, such as powdered green tea, chocolate, and
strawberry. It was amazing, fluffy, fabulous and yummy. All our staff turned cartwheels. When you have a chance to visit Kokura, try
Pontsuku, the awesome sweets!



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