Checking a result of tissue regeneration surgery


There is no cure for corvid19. You just have to let run its course, which makes us antsy. If I don’t get out of this situation, I’ll go stir crazy. After this ceases, I should be raring to go.
2 weeks ago, the government declared the state of emergency in Tokyo. This morning, a patient, for whom I have been treating gum disease,
came to my clinic.  I carried out tissue regeneration surgery for her 5 months ago. The
surgery needs a substance called “Emdogain” which was developed in Scandinavian countries for
recovering lost tissues around a tooth. It is applied on the root surface of
the tooth. After the surgery, it is required strict plaque control.
I was worried about the level of her plaque control becomes worse, while she
doesn’t come to our clinic for fear of the corvid 19 turmoil. Fortunately, I found out her plaque control was better than I thought, so healing condition was good. Today’s X-ray shows recovery of lost bone, meaning successful regeneration
of bones between the premolar teeth, though it’s only 5 months after the surgery (In order to get full recovery, they say it takes 6-12 months). X-ray is
just a 2-D image, so I am going to check 3-D structure by CT scan a while
later. When I learned and started tissue regeneration therapy 9 years ago, in each time, I checked if new bone generation was achieved by another open flap surgery 1 year after the operation, meaning directly watched new tissues.
Recently, considering the reopening flap surgery gives some discomfort to the patients,
I check the results only by CT.
 In this case, the patient had missing molar
teeth which caused excessive load to the existing neighboring premolars. The major reason of
lost supporting bone is infection by plaque. In addition to this, the increased
loading may cause the phenomenon. For missing molars, I carried out implants
treatment. The premolars, to which I performed tissue regeneration surgery, are
covered by plastic temporary crowns now. Fundamental rule is final crows should be
applied at least 6 months after the surgery, so I am waiting for the time.
It may be a trivial successful experience,
though I can’t say it is complete success yet, I felt excited and a sense of
fulfillment, because my character may be simple. However, I may forget it
tomorrow and will pursue another success.
 In this case, I performed minor orthodontic
treatment, which was intrusion of an upper molar using mini-implants to create
space for lower molars’ implants (2 pieces), the opposite side in mandible (2
pieces of implant), an upper front tooth implant, and tissue regeneration
surgery in other 2 parts. The treatments which still are not carried out are final
crowns and micro tissue regeneration surgery in 2 other parts, which requires microscope, micro scalpels and delicate skill. The process to the goal is enjoyable, however, it
will be delayed because of corvid-19 turmoil.  


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