People all over the world except for some politicians and
bureaucrats are in predicament. We are surrounded by the virus hoax. When will
the state of emergency in Tokyo end? I’m getting cabin fever because of hunkering down. Will I forgo a pay for a while until then?
100,000 yen bounty for one person from the government is a drop in the bucket for almost people,
though it’s better than nothing.
I am despondent over the order I should not carry out dental implant
surgery in the current situation. She (my patient) missed her upper 6 front
teeth because of a traffic accident! For her, it is really the state of
emergency, losing esthetics. No brainer.
However, I admonish myself, saying in my mind, sort of incantation, “Pull
yourself together when the chips are down. Don’t be despondent over hardship. Your
focal point is analyzing past and present about your business, preparing for
the future, in order to mitigate obnoxious antsy feeling. Do not be tipsy. Don’t
waste your time, money, and opportunities.”


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