Hello. My name is Nozomi Hasegawa. A dentist working in Otemachi Tokyo Japan. I want to share my dental treatments mainly, English learning process, Japanese culture and others.

I enjoyed rowing when I was a college student. I was selected as a Japan representative and went to Milan Italy for the Universiade competition in 1982.

Since then, exercise has been my basic to keep fit for providing dental performance.

I am hooked on dentistry as a general practitioner. I want to share my cases in this blog.

I have been learning English for many years, and passed the highest level of the test in practical English proficiency, but there is still a long way to master. I will write my learning process in this blog.

I like Designated Survivor in Netflix, Joe Rogan’s experience pod cast and so on.

Recently, my English teacher recommends me to watch Russell Brand videos on YouTube.

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