Exciting moments


2 good things happened in my work this week. The first one is becoming beautiful and functional in 60 year old female teeth (Fig.1). I performed root canal treatment, sinus lift and implants. These are temporary crowns made in plastic yet, not final restoration. Just after setting these, midlines between upper and lower jaw didn’t locate on an identical line, which means her lower jaw had shifted to her left side. But, during adjusting the temporary crowns several times, the lower jaw has shifted to nearly center and both midlines is closely on the same identical line (Fig.2). I am expecting the patient’s twisted face can be fixed. Such a change doesn’t commonly happen.


The second one happened in an orthodontic treatment(Fig.3). It is a 50 year old male case who has a zigzag alignment in his lower front teeth. It took only 3 days to see the change in this case.

These may sound small stuff for ordinary people, but they are exciting for me as a general practitioner.

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