A front tooth’s implant after making new bone

67 year old male. The photos are bird’s eye views, indicating Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) procedure. The bone’s width was not enough for implant placement before GBR (above left). GBR with bone graft (above right), the graft was covered by a resorbable membrane with resorbable suturing (below right), 6 months after GBR, the bone became wider enough to accept an implant (below left)

Before and after treatment, and X-ray showing the implant

This patient was a former banker who worked in U.K. and now is working in a different company which is related with the bank. He is a good guy and easy to communicate and make rapport. Before carrying out the surgery above, I performed implant fixing in his lower missing molars. He is a typical patient who clenches firmly during sleep. Eventually, his front tooth had fracture was extracted. The bone was too narrow to insert an implant. After GBR, I found new bone which was enough wide to apply an implant.

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