Guided Tissue Regeneration in 2014

Bone resorption around medial site of 1st premolar

Application of Emdgain and bone graft

Reentry after 8 months, showing the defect is filled with new bone

This is my first case of Guided tissue regeneration surgery several years ago, after learning from a seminar. A mentor told me that I should try mono root case like lower premolars at first and don’t challenge multiple root like molars because of complicated structures. After opening flap and exposing bone, I cleaned around the root as much as possible and filled the bone defect with bone graft and a medicine called “Emdogain”. 8 months later, I reopened a flap and checked the defect was filled with new bone. When I was a dental college student, regeneration therapy didn’t exist and was said to be a dream. Following up-to-date skills is my pleasure to contribute to my patients’ life. I can learn skills in hands-on training , not in Zoom seminars where only lectures are provided. In Japan, face to face seminars are reopening due to decrease of corona virus infection whilst Europe is in a mess. I wonder why difference happens from a country to a country. Being blessed with hands-on seminars is just lucky, though no one can hold the future.

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