An example of guided bone regeneration

The patient was late 60’s male. His upper premolar got fractured and consequently extracted. He wanted an implant for fixing, Though carrying out guided bone regeneration, sinus lift could be avoided using a short implant and connected crowns on 3 implants.

The first chief complaint was swelling around the premolar. By opening gum, the root fracture was detected (1). After extraction (2), the bone defect was filled with bone graft (3).

The bone graft was covered with a resorbable membrane (4) and sutured (5). Several months later, a new hard tissue was detected and an implant was inserted (6).

The defect (left) was filled with a new bone and an implant was placed(middle). A crown was set (right).

The middle implant is 6mm length of short one. Connected crowns on 3 implants were set. This time implant is left one among these 3.

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