Tissue regeneration, root cover, and remove of superior labial frenulum which performed simultaneously

One day, a patient whose chief complaint was “fall of a front bridge” came. The bridge he brought in his hand was not usable at all. After setting a new temporary plastic bridge as a first aid treatment, a X-ray showed bone resorption around roots which have to support a bridge. Gum recession around both canines was detected though he didn’t care about that. After explanation, he agreed to have a surgery including tissue regeneration for the bone defect, root cover, and removal of superior labial frenulum simultaneously. For complete root cover, palatal tissue transplant is preferable, but I skipped the process for shortening the time of the surgery because it was not his chief complaint. Root cover was not perfect but better than before and the bone defects were filled with new bone after 6 months.

A fallen bridge (above) was not usable. A newly made temporary plastic bridge was set (below).

Yellow green arrows show bone defect around roots which have to support a bridge.

Tissue regeneration surgery for the bone defect. Cleaning the defect up (above left), filling with bone graft (above right), suturing (below)

The same process in an opposite side

Before and just after root cover surgery on his right canine.

The same process on his left canine.

Before and just after the whole surgery.

Before and 6 month after

Before and 6 month after

His right side bone defect was filled with new bone (yellow green arrow)

His left side was the same.

Intra oral photos, before (above), after 6 months (middle), X rays.

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