Taro Hakase concert at SUNTORY HALL

Taro Hakase is a Japanese musician who specializes as a violinist and composer.

He is best known internationally for playing the violin on Celine Dion’s song “To Love You More” which appears on the US edition of her Let’s Talk About Love album. With the success of the song, Hakase went on a nationwide promotional tour making television appearances and also went on tour with Dion to perform the song during her 1996-1997 Falling into You Tour and her 1998-1999 Let’s Talk About Love Tour as guest violinist. When Dion began her two years off to have her son Rene Charles, Hakase continues his music career on his own. In 2006, to celebrate 10 years of his success, Hakase reunited with Dion in Las Vegas, Nevada during a performance of her show A New Day… to perform “To Love You More”.

His play in the concert at Suntory Hall yesterday was energetic and his talks between the tunes were filled with jokes. He performed motorbike, ambulance sounds with his violins in a break. He is a real entertainer. I believe he has both talent as a violinist and good personality.

He lives in London. I want to go to his concert again when he comes back.


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