Cross-borderer’s requirement

Alexander Ramón Ramírez (born on 15 August 1974) is a Venezuelan baseball outfielder who currently plays for the Yokohama DeNA BayStars of Nippon Professional Baseball. He is the first foreign-born player to record 2,000 hits while playing in NPB. He previously played in Major League Baseball for the Cleveland Indians (1998–2000) and Pittsburgh Pirates (2000).

He said his success in Japan depends on the fact that he had open mind to Japanese culture. He obeyed what senior person ordered, saying “wakarimasita(I see)”. Even though it sounds unacceptable, it’s necessary to think “shyoganai(It can’t be helped)”. Foreign players have to accept the quite different culture at 100% to succeed. But, they usually think “Why,why,why?”

The reason he could adapt to Japanese style was people around him were totally kind. At first, his plan was the term of playing in Japan should be 1 year to earn money for his newly bought house in Florida and 2 cars. But, after 3 months, he was mesmerise by Japanese style and began to think he wanted to play longer in Japan. He says “Japanese were all kind, polite and intellectual. They respect people and things. Are there any societies where vending machines are not looted, like Japan? I wanted to absorb such a nice culture and wanted to improve as a human.”

His prosperity as a player will continue for several years. He even wants to be a coach in NPB someday.


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