Alex Ferguson’s retire

My English teacher, from Manchester UK, sent me his article about Alex Ferguson’s retire.

In off-season, there is much news about personnel transfers in football teams. Especially this year, many J-League teams changed their managers. The big upside of changing managers is activation for the teams. Competition for becoming regular players starts from scratch. Players, who had few chances to play in games, will be motivated. Present regular players will be alert. There will be a race.

The upside of continuously hiring the same manager is accumulation of tactics. That makes possible in step by step approach. Changing players by trades instead of changing managers can activate the team.

He has succeeded in alternation of generations and activation of Manchester United by being not dependent on big names and adding ambitious young talented players to the team.

Though my clinic is an small organization unlike Manchester United, there must be some points which should be mimicked in his leadership for organising.

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