Blade teeth for full denture


When patients use their complete dentures, are natural shaped artificial teeth enough effective to chew? 80% of all denture wearers want more than what is being offered to them. Sadly, conventional acrylic teeth even if hardened have a tendency to become less efficient in a short amount of time. The patients must chew from side to side to get results.
The idea of blade teeth is a solution to pursue more effective and enjoyable eating life. Food that posed a challenge for denture wearers in the past (meat, apples,lettuce,carrot) are easily cut up by the blade teeth denture.

Advantages of metal edged teeth compared with conventional ones are
1. easy to get comfortable jaw relationship
2. better chewing since cutting force is better
3. creates more stability in upper and lower dentures
4.less adjustments are required because of less sore spot

This weekend, I can learn the technique of complete denture through my mentor’s demonstration, while I work as an instructor in the seminar.

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