Today’s seminar

I went to Kanda Tokyo to attend a seminar. Dr. Abe is 77 this year, but he is nicely energetic in his lecture and demonstration. After he graduated from Nihon University 50 years ago, he went to USC in US and had great American mentors. He learned complete denture’s theory and skills from them. After he returned home, he opened his own dental office in Sendai Japan. Then, he began complete denture seminars not only in Japan but also in Korea and Taiwan. He knows anatomy well and has great knowledge of dental materials. He arranged former skills adding his own ideas and has established new remarkable theory and techniques called Shilla system. He sometimes changed some parts of procedures for making full dentures, because dental materials have developed gradually. I have learned many theories, but I think Dr.Abe’s thinking is the most persuasive and useful.

complete denture demonstration by Dr.Abe


upper jaw analyser (Shilla 1)


mounting upper jaw mold on Shilla 2


face bow transfer procedure


After the seminar, I could see a festival by Kanda shrine. Unfortunately rainy though.

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