Mikimoto Pearl Museum

The Mikimoto Pearl Island is an excellent museum about pearls, pearl
cultivation and Mikimoto Kokichi, the first person who succeeded in cultivating
pearls. The island is located in the Bay of Toba, accessible via a bridge.

Mikimoto Kokichi was born in Toba in 1858 and became the first person to
successfully cultivate pearls in the year 1893. He opened the first Mikimoto
Pearl Store in 1899. The Mikimoto Kokichi Memorial Hall introduces his life
Also located on the island, the Pearl Museum provides detailed explanations
about pearls and the cultivation of pearls in Japanese and English. In the
adjacent Pearl Plaza you can view and purchase a wide variety of pearl jewelry.
The Mikimoto Pearl Island also offers hourly performances by female pearl
divers, known as Ama (lit. “sea women”), who have traditionally been planting
and harvesting the oysters (and other seafood).

Kokichi Mikimoto


Ama(Sea woman)
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