Making a complete denture…It’s fun

Most Japanese dentists don’t carry out teeth arranging in making a complete denture. They usually order that to dental technicians. My mentor always says arranging teeth sould be a dentist work, not technician’s. It may look painstaking for some dentists. But, for me, it’s really fun. Making a useful device(full denture) from nothing(no real teeth in the mouth) is exciting, imagining the patient’s smile.
In the process, I don’t totally rely on my instincts (of course, experience can not be ignored). “Shilla system” which is a kind of occlusion analyser is really helpful in setting the 3D positions of teeth. This will guide you to a nice goal due to the standardization.

wax rim


artificial teeth
arranging upper teeth on Shilla 2


arranging lower teeth on Shilla 3



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