possibility of gaining dental license of other countries

 Can a Japanese dentist get a license of dentist in other countries? Each country has its own rule. To get a license in US, you have to study in a dental college for designated years and pass the exam of each state, like a native student. It sounds the long and winding road. But, some countries are giving an easier chance for foreign dentists. In Australia, the number of dentists is said to be relatively small. Actually, Australia has welcome mode to immigrants of dentist from other countries.

  I went to Gotanda Tokyo to attend an explanation meeting from the tour company”M.I Studies Abroad”. The shortest way to get a license of Australia is sending the application form, (if it’s accepted), sending IELTS score certificate (reading, listening, writing, speaking score must be over 7(1-9) respectively), written exam of dentistry, and final clinical exam. The clinical test takes 6 days. If all procedures are successful, you are enrolled in Dental Board of Australia and can perform there. Visa is necessary to perform. According to the company, no Japanese dentists has got the license through the process. Foreign dentists who could attain the final are always Korean, Indonesian, Chinese, and other south east countries’ dentists. The whole fee of the tests is around 1,000,000 yen except for staying fee.

 The staff said “You can maintain three wives if you succeed as a dentist in Australia”. hahaha. Sounds intriguing? Me? My bottleneck is age. They say it may be difficult to get Visa for people over 50. The only thing I can do is just study English and get high score in IELTS. Will dream end in dream?

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