development of dental materials

 Things have changed dramatically in dentistry like every field of the world. Today, I treated a patient from UK who lost his front tooth crown. In order to fix the new all ceramic crown, I set a fiber core into the root canal with special adhesive. Then, I took a mold for the new crown. I checked the tooth color using lots of color samples to get good match against neighbouring all ceramic crowns.

 20years ago, I always used metal cores. But, for aesthetic purpose and avoiding root fracture, fiber cores had been invented. Since then, I sometimes has applied them. There are several adhesive materials and I have to choose the best. Lots of information makes me confused, but fortunately, my junior doctor knows well through his dental college hospitals’ experience.

 As for new dental materials, each dentist has his own thinking. I must not depend on my past knowledge and have to get appropriate information by word of mouth. Because few dental books show what up-to-date material is and what the best is.

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