Challenging case

Recently, I had a patient who had trouble with dental implants which his former dentist had embedded. At first, I rejected to treat him. Because, the implants were different from ones which our clinic dealt with. I use implants produced by Straumman co. which has been used worldwide. I did not know the product maker of the patients’ implants through the appearance and X ray images of them. It is said that there are over 50 implant makers in the world. Some new companies aim niche in the market, struggling to keep up with the technology of the companies already having big share. Sometimes, some companies’ implants have kinks though they say their product are fool proof. I wanted to pull out the patient’s implants with counter clockwise strength, because they were poorly positioned. Of course, considering patient’s agony, I can’t carry out it. He asked me to treat many times, and finally, I gave in. Now, I am enjoying the process of reconstruction of his occlusion.



(It’s like night and day, isn’t it?)


 X-ray at the first visit
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