GBR in a front tooth for incoming dental implant

Guided bone regeneration (GBR) is one of the most exciting topics of mine in dentistry. Istvan Urban is a Hungarian dentist who is the most famous in this field. I wonder if he can hold his seminar in Budapest now. Because of corona virus, Hungary seems to be shutting down people from other countries. My friends went to go there in Japanese dentist’s tour 2 years ago. I missed the chance.  His papers The amount of new bone by the surgery of Dr. Urban looks so huge. The key point to succeed is release incision, especially in back side of upper lip. Ordinary release incision cannot make good primary closure of gum. Horizontal and vertical ridge augmentation in upper front teeth area is the most challenging surgery. Some videos in YouTube are uploaded showing introduction the Urban institution, short lectures, and European osteointegration congress. The time of each congress video is 1 to 2 hours, which makes me have a little expectation of getting useful information for free. I could watch a few seconds of release incision in an upper frontal vertical and horizontal defect. However, I could not get a real key point of  the procedure in detail, which only dentists who attend his seminar can learn. The case above is my single tooth implant case which required GBR before inserting an implant. The membrane which covered bone graft was exposed after the GBR, which didn’t affect the result at all.

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