Expressive writing

Getting good ideas seems to be difficult especially in these day’s corona virus circumstance. The number of patients per day and the profit had gone down since the outbreak of the virus. They are recovering now, but far from those before corvid 19. It is painfully stressful, and seems to be difficult to get out of it.

Today only 2 patients will come in the afternoon, 14:00 to 14:30 and 18:00 to 18:30. The problem is how I can handle the time between them. It is nonsense to do net-surfing unintentionally, which means waste of time. How to deal with the vacant time? Our time is limited, so it is necessarily to be creative and have new ideas with limited resource.

Expressive writing, which is writing your negative feeling randomly for 8 to 10 minutes without pose after work or before going to bed, is said to be helpful to be creative and to reduce your stress as lots of psychologists recommend. You don’t have to have positive thinking. Honestly, I am introverted. Psychologists say an introvert should not apply positive thinking, because it will make your state of mind more miserable and devastated. Immerse your mind to something different from your present problems sometimes makes your stress less and you can be more creative and may get new ideas to get out of the suffocating feeling in daily life.

Forgetting the things before the turmoil and accepting current harsh situation and being creative, not positive, and hopefully improving imagination and finally getting some new good ideas to survive and thrive in this crisis is my desire. The ideas which will appear in my mind should be applied and tested lots of times. And we should evaluate them if they are effective or not, then do the same procedure one after another.

Learning psychology and applying it in daily life is what I have been cautious of these days.

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