Case 5 (Full mouth rehabilitation with implants)

82 year old female. Chief complaint ; solution of esthetic problem. Treatments ; root canal treatment, crowns, implants and sinus lift.

intra oral photos before treatment

intra oral photos after treatment

X-ray before treatment

X-ray after treatment

root canal treatment was successful in the canine. before treatment (left) and after (right). black inflammation image around the root tip disappeared and new bone regeneration was detected as white image.

loosening teeth became almost non-movable probably because of reduced burden by the added implant. you can see black area around roots reduced.

sinus lift was done and will be ready for another implant.

occlusal plane was corrected. see right and left sides, before treatment (above) and after (below)

Before treatment (above) and after (below)

Before treatment (above) and after (below). protruded front teeth were corrected and chewing area was enlarged by an implant.

Though she was above 80, being healthy with no diseases, no medications enabled me to carry out surgery like implants and sinus lift safely. Her esthetic and functional problems were solved.

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