Motivational videos during workout

In physical training, what I don’t like is endurance work out especially running and biking. Long distance swimming is what I liked and had done for nearly 30 years. Because of outbreak of corvid 19, the sports club which I belonged to and has 6 lanes 25 m swimming pool, was closed and reopened, but, my decision at that time was quit the club and work at home, The workout is Tabata training, a kind of high intensity interval training, using burpee, 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest, 8 sets, 4 minutes in total. After 1 year and half, what I felt was it’s not enough with a training only by my own body weight to be the best version of myself. Changing minds and changing a gym made me feel motivated, and asking a personal trainer was the first and good opportunity to get further motivated. What the trainer suggested me last time was it’s necessary to have 30 min aerobic work after weight training to burn fat. My choice is bike machine keeping heart rate over 65% of the highest. To avoid being bored, some motivational videos are helpful and simultaneously helpful for learning English.

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