Takarazuka musical

Happy new year! Entertainment makes us get out of stress in the real world and daily life to fantasy and dream in fictional world. Takarazuka musical group is one of the top class entertainment in Japan, which has over 100 years history. All members are female who are extraordinary good at singing, dancing and playing. They passed through the most difficult entrance examination in Japan. They are distributed to male role and daughter’s role. They are divided into 5 groups, Flower, Moon, Star, Snow and Sky. Each group has its own top star who leads the group. Today, January 1st, is the first play in Takarazuka main theater in Hyogo this year, by Moon group led by the new top star Kanato Tsukishiro. This time musical was based on a Japanese movie which was not popular, but is now expected to be successful, because the story is highly suitable for Takarazuka musical. It actually touched guests’ mind and was apprised with huge clapping.

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