Hayman, Great Barrier reef, Australia

There are many native English teachers in Japan. I had one who came from Australia. He was very friendly and potent in teaching English. When he went back to his home country, he gave me the book about Aussie’s unique expressions which are different from UK’s and US’s.

Yesterday, he gave me a mail for the first time in 3 years. He said he is working at a travel agency and provided me his status quo and some information of Australia.

20 years ago, I went to Hayman island in Great Barrier reef. I enjoyed not only marine sports but also “The chef’s table”. The chef’s table is the event where participating guests are invited to backstage into the main kitchen. The experience was as much an education as it was a wonderful gourmet experience. The Chefs provide commentary, explain food pairing concepts and themes, and answer questions from guests throughout the event.

Some guests asked me my occupation and some questions about dentistry in Japan. An lady from Sydney said ” The Chef’s English is not so good. If you can’t understand his comment, I will explain. Interpretation from local to standard English. haha.”

We shared stories and started new friendships among the guests.

According to its HP, some restaurants seemed to change in their style. I asked my former teacher to give information about the tour to Hayman island.

I want to feel young….


the captain of the cruiser only transportaion connects between the island and the continent He was cool!


how relaxing!


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